Sunflower Harvest

Sunflower Harvest


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Photography Policy

Please join us for our 2nd Annual Heap’s Sunflower Harvest!

Enjoy over 5 acres of sunflowers, take photos, cut your own flowers to take home and enjoy the other activities on the farm! Also new this year is a zinnia patch! *This is a limited time event.* These weekends are admission weekends with unlimited access to all activities on the farm along with the Sunflower Patch for the day.


*Please note, the pumpkin patch will not be open until September 12th, 2020 and beyond.


Since this event is based on when the sunflower patch blooms opening day may vary, PLEASE CHECK OUR FACEBOOK PAGE FOR UPDATES!!


Link to Purchase Tickets:
Daily Pass: $15 (Includes 1 bloom)

2 Day Pass (Any 2 days): $22 (1 Bloom Per Day)

Unlimited Pass (All days / sessions of Sunflower Harvest): $35 (1 Bloom Per Day)


Admission includes:

> Access Sunflower Patch

> 1 Bloom Per Day

> Corn Maze

> Soybean Maze

> Milo’s Castle Playground

> Heaps O’ Fun Barn Playground

*Must purchase full admission to access the Sunflower Patch. No Exceptions.
*Early Bird Specials* are available, please reference our ticketing page for more information.


$3 for 1 additional sunflower
$12 for 6 additional sunflowers
$16 for 6 additional sunflowers & bucket

$8 for decorative bucket
$18 for 12 additional sunflowers
$20 for “De Bucket” includes pail & all the sunflowers you can fit in it

$50 / photographer (daily)